Wednesday, February 3, 2010


One of my favorite blogs, Kelly's Korner, had a post about her simple pleasures and the little things that make her happy. I love this idea, so here are my simple pleasures:
1. Fresh sheets on the bed - Being able to crawl into a freshly changed bed on Sunday nights makes my Monday mornings more bearable.

2. Weekly celebrity smut - US Weekly and People (much to my Mother's dismay)

3. Having a garage to park my car in - I love that the temperature in my car is always comfortable and that I don't get rained on while trying to strap Grady in his car seat.
4. Getting out of the shower after spending all day on the beach. I feel fresh, clean, relaxed, tan and I love slathering myself in lotion, going without makeup and just wearing my hair wet for the rest of the day.

5. Driving with my sunroof open on a beautiful day.

6. Having a husband who is "handy" - he can fix anything!

7. Grady's laugh - my gosh, there is just nothing better than his laugh!

8. Pedicures

9. A sparkling clean kitchen

10. Baking - the process, the smell, and the eating!

11. Date nights and weekends away with Andy

12. Heated seats in my car
13. Kate Spade (that's simple, right?)
14. Sleeping late
15. A beautifully made bed
16. Girlfriends
17. Every moment with this sweet boy:

P.S. How 'bout the "boo-boo" on Grady's eyebrow?! That was his first real injury that caused blood. He was dancing in the living room (he's a dancing machine) and fell and knocked his head on the coffee table. We thought it was okay until we saw blood running down his face and then we flipped out. Fortunately, Mrs. G fixed it up for us so that we didn't have to visit the ER.


Mimi said...

More pictures of Grady...what a treat! Thank you so much...I miss that little boy!

Kayce said...

Sooo cute!!!

Natalie said...

LOOK at all that hair!! Is it the pictures or is it reddish-blond now? He is adorable. And your post made me want to change my sheets, clean the kitchen and go to the beach. Well, maybe just go to the beach. :)
Love you and miss you!!

Anonymous said...
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オテモヤン said...
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